Natural Scale

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“It’s such a relief to use the natural wooden scale; no early morning chills and cold feet. It is water absorbent; you don’t need to tread carefully in case you slip. I love having it in my washroom. “- Aimely H., Hippie Cartel Customer

Wouldn’t it be a relief to have light weight, solid wood, natural weighing scale in the washroom? A must buy for eco-friendly and environmentally conscious people.

Our natural scale is made of high quality wood with an automatic digital LCD scale. Moreover the natural wood surface is comfortably warm to the touch, saving the feet from an early morning chill and its woody texture is safe from the risk of slipping and injury. Eco-friendly, organic wood frame is sustainable and aesthetically appealing. While the illuminated LCD screen on the scale increases readability and is easy on the eyes. Balance and sturdiness is ensured through a firm support structure under the wide and thin wooden frame.

High quality, the wood surface is smooth with quality finish and rounded edges.

Safe and comfortable, no risk of slipping, water absorbent surface, warm to underfoot, no chilly feeling when stepping on it. 

Illuminated LCD, easy to read large digits visible in dim and bright light

Eco-friendly, made from organic wood, ideal for environmentally conscious people

Portable, due to being constructed with thin wooden top, it can be easily carried from one place to another.

Aesthetically appealing, lovely, warm beige color is soothing to the eye



  • Made of eco-friendly wood, that is organic and renewable
  • Well-structured according to the safety protocols, study and well balanced surface
  • Illuminated LCD with large digits, high visibility in both bright and dim light
  • Comfortable to use, no risk of slipping, tripping or tumbling off
  • Smooth, warm surface comfortable underfoot.


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