Movable Wooden Tray

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“Movable Wooden Tray helps make my flower pots more visible and easy to move around. It has saved me the trouble of lifting the pots to clean the space under them. I just slide the tray and clean the surfaces under them “- Emaa H., Hippie Cartel Customer

Tired of carrying and lifting the heavy flower pots and planters from one place to another? Worried about the watery mess, the dirt under the flower pots?  Get rid of all your worries in one go, the movable wooden tray comes with four wheels which enable it to be moved around smoothly. Moreover this multi-purpose wooden platform is ideal for placing pots and plants as well as heavy decoration pieces such as vases and urns. While it can be placed anywhere inside or outside the house or office.

Easy to move, the high quality four wheels make is easy to roll out and adjust anywhere around the house or office whether it is in-doors or outdoors.

Durable, movable wooden tray is durable and rust free which gives it longer life. It is light weight and easy to carry and store.

Aesthetically appealing, it is aesthetically appealing to place pots and plants on, which enhances their visibility.

Saves time and strength, as it is pre-assembled it can be used without any waste of time. The pots and planters can be placed on it and carried out or inside without having to lift them. Just roll out the wooden tray smoothly and effortlessly.

Convenient design, the design has been sensibly structured with space between the wooden planks to ensure that water and dirt can be easily removed and does not get stored under the pots.



  • The wheels of the movable wooden tray are made of durable plastic and fastened with strong metal casing, which gives them a good grip and helps in moving smoothly.
  • The wooden tray is made of planks set with space in between to ensure ventilation, balance and ease in keeping the tray clean.
  • Rounded edges for ease of use and to ensure safety from injury
  • Light weight, eco-friendly, made of renewable, bamboo wood

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