Lmieux- Essential oil

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“This organic oil is one of the great face product I have bought. I am completely satisfied with the quality and scent of the oil. “- Emma A., Hippie Cartel Customer

If you face the loss of firmness, elasticity and feel the urgency of fixing the appearance and softness of your skin, then no worries you’ve come to the right place, this product specially designed for you.

Our Innovative, nature powered formula of this oil is highly concentrated and enlighten the texture and shine of your skin with intense hydration that recover the vitality and elasticity. Loaded with natural aroma and texture, this natural essential oil is made to transform your living.  Ideally the best and natural selection for healthcare.

Natural and delicate aroma, the essential oil is specially extracted for those who appreciate natural texture and aroma.

Effective remedy, this oil will give you a relaxing and soothing effect for massage, relaxation and sleep after a long hard day workout.

Free from artificial elements, a quality process is followed to ensure that no artificial ingredients are added at any stage of the formulation of this oil, so you can surely enjoy 100% organic oil.

Multiple Benefits, additionally this lmieux essential oil is featured with pure organic properties to improve the hydration level of your skin and keeps your face moisturized by tightening pores.



  • The essential oil is good to use for a nice aromatic atmosphere around you.
  • The oil is quite safe and for people who are prone to allergies and breathing disorders.
  • The essential oil helps maintain your skin health by providing moister and shrinking pores.
  • The essential oil relieves stress through aromatherapy, massage, and bathing.
  • It evens Brightens and lightens Pigmentation level of your skin.
  • Enriched with natural and plant based ingredients.

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