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“Lightweight and fascinating sunglasses are a must for your outdoor activities or would be great for you on the beach. At last, I got this trendy looking fashionable piece of art, and the bamboo frame provides good protection “- Clara T., Hippie Cartel Customer

Just protect your eyes from sunlight and reduce gales with our eco-friendly bamboo framed sunglasses .Which are not only meant to upgrade the personality and style of wayfarers to stand out but also these glasses are specially designed to boost your personality level in this trendy , fashionable world. So what are you waiting for protect your sensitive eyes with this timeless accessory and enjoy a sense of style and uniqueness.

Stand out from the crowd, these bamboo sunglasses makes you stand out of the crowd with their fashionably elegant look.

Superior Natural material, these glasses are specially crafted for eco-conscious people who have a sense of appreciation for using natural material with confidence and style.

Stylish Look, The frame built with natural wood gives a stylish look with polarized glasses.

Frames and glasses designs, the bamboo sunglasses are available in different catchy frame designs with a variety of sunglasses colors.


  • The frame is made with natural bamboo wood which does not get hot in extreme heat as well.
  • The sunglasses are fitted with highly polarized, anti-reflective lenses to protect against harmful Ultraviolet rays.
  • Each frame of bamboo sunglasses is carefully crafted with natural wood of the finest quality.
  • These bamboo sunglasses look great on all faces and are available in a range of sizes with beautifully colored lenses.
  • Anti-UV rating: UV400
  • Visible light transmittance: 95 (%)

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