Bamboo cutlery set

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“I like this Bamboo Cutlery Set. Work well for what they are pledged for and I think it was a great value.”-  Tierra S., Hippie Cartel Customer

Get everything you need in one bundle. Our Bamboo Cutlery Set will give you and your family a more natural, fun way to eat. Each utensil of our cutlery set is created to be completely reusable due to natural wood properties. So what are you waiting for, start enjoying your meals in a more natural way with our Bamboo cutlery set.

Quality Material, the bamboo cutlery set is made with eco-friendly natural wood and it is completely BPA Free and recyclable.

Comfortable texture, the bamboo cutlery set has carefully made to feel great in your hands and provide a gentle feeling in your mouth while warping or cracking.

Portable, the bamboo cutlery set is perfect to take with you anywhere. Thanks to the included high quality canvas travel bag. Moreover the cutlery set is ideal in your bag, backpack or lunchbox.

100% safe, this cutlery set is BPA free and Non-toxic. With this cutlery set you can have a healthy life and style every day.

Why bamboo, this wood is a remarkable renewable natural source. Being both durable and lightweight. It’s an antic material for flatware and kitchen utensils.


  • Easy to take it to everywhere.
  • The Bamboo cutlery set is completely recyclable and BPA-free
  • It’s specially designed to be long lasting and easy to clean, without any splintering.
  • This Bamboo Cutlery Set is a great option for anyone that packs a lunch or is always on the go.
  • Set Includes, Chopsticks, Bamboo Straw, Portable Straw Cleaner, Knife, Fork, Spoon.



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