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“Since I bought the No Lint hand held lint remover, I can clean my woolen clothes and upholstery in no time. It really works wonders.”- Sara F., Hippie Cartel Customer

Do you want all in one lint remover? Which is easy to handle, light and highly effective? A clean lint free material is just a few strokes away.

This No Lint manual lint shaver with copper cutter head is ideal for removing lint, fluff, fiber balls and pet hair from all surfaces. Moreover it can be used effectively on woolen clothes, any sort of cloth and upholstery. Even it moves smoothly on the surfaces and the cutter teeth remove the lint without damaging the cloth. Safe, ergonomic design is easy to handle with a comfortable grip. The wooden handle is eco-friendly and made of organic material which is durable.

Ergonomic design, the handle is light, easy to grip and move on all surfaces. The comfortable grip keeps the wrist stress free

Time effective, the lint shaver removes all fuzz, lint, fiber balls and animal hair in one gentle stroke; no need to drag it over the surfaces repeatedly

Multifunctional, the manual lint remover wipes away lint, fully balls and animal hair from all surfaces including fleece, cardigans, cushions, sofas and woolen clothes, leaving them neat and clean

Eco-friendly, wooden handle is made of organic material and high quality wood which is easy to grip and moves smoothly along surfaces

Convenient, removes all unwanted residue in one go. All that needs to be done is to roll the lint remover manually over the fabrics. This DIY device can be used most conveniently.  

Portable, no lint manual lint shaver is light and portable and can be easily carried in a backpack while travelling.



  • No lint shaver contains wooden handle and a copper cutter roller which rolls over surfaces removing lint, fluff balls and animal hair
  • Light and easy to manage wooden handle with glides smoothly over surfaces
  • Eco-friendly and organic, high quality wood
  • Ergonomic design saves the wrist from injury and strain

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