Multifunctional Cell Phone Base

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“Multifunctional Cell Phone Base has saved me from all the hassle of purchasing separate USBS, misplacing charging wires. It is truly an innovative multi-purpose solution to all digital functions.” Aimely C., Hippie Cartel Customer

Would you like to own a Multifunctional Cell Phone Base which provides an accessible and safe hub for holding and charging your various digital devices in one go?

The multifunctional Cell Phone Base includes charge dock, charge dock holder, mobile phone tablet holder stand, smart watch holder and multiple USB ports. Moreover multifunctional Cell Phone Base is constructed from natural bamboo wood and It is adaptable and can accommodate mobile phone tablet as well as iPhone 5/5s 6/6s, 7 and 7 plus. 

Multifunctional, the cell phone base provides a hub for charging and holding all the digital devices, the iPhone, tablet and smart watch

Eco-friendly, the product is manufactured from organic bamboo wood which is durable, light and portable

Accessibility, Multifunctional Cell Phone Base has made all digital devices their chargers and port extremely accessible and easy to manage

Safe and secure, saves the devices from being scratched, dropped and misplaced.

  Adaptable, the smart watch holder can be removed and it can be charged separately. It is adaptable enough to be placed in a kitchen, bedroom or sitting room.

User friendly, light weight, easy to carry with all edges polished to give a smooth finish to the product


  • Suitable for all kinds of Apple devices, iPhone, iWatch and tablet
  • Equipped with multiple charging docks,
  • Removable parts make it convenient and increase ease of access
  • Manufactured from eco-friendly, bamboo wood, light and durable
  • Helps keep the digital devices safe from damage

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