Multifunction Charging Base

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“Charging my smart watch and iPhone has never been so easy. The multifunction charging base is very convenient to use and time efficient. Highly recommend charging base for everyone.” Laraa G., Hippie Cartel Customer

Why risk letting your precious iPhone and Apple watch lying on slippery surfaces while charging them? Wouldn’t it be great to be safe from the hassle of first charging the iPhone and then the Apple watch? Save your precious time and even more valuable possessions all at the same time. Try out Multifunction Charging Base.

A simple yet great invention, which is the requirement of a fast paced life. When you want to charge your iPhone and smart watch simultaneously and don’t have time to spare. An eco-friendly product made from renewable and sustainable bamboo wood.

Especially carved to keep your iPhone and watch protected and secure while being charged. Fitted with rubber mat to keep the mobile stable and safe. Slots specially designed for the apple phone and watch charger and cable. Easy to carry and light weight product.

Innovative design, a product specially designed for cradling the iPhone and Apple watch simultaneously while charging. It has built in features to bracket iPhone and contain Apple watch, charger and cable.

Multifunctional, the iPhone and Apple watch can be charged simultaneously. This user friendly feature saves time and effort.

Light and compact, lightweight and easy to carry while travelling. Multifunction charging base is an ideal travel companion for iPhone and apple watch owners.

Eco-friendly, made from bamboo wood which is renewable, and sustainable material.

safe and clean, keeps the iPhone safe and clean. The rubber mat saves it from slipping and damage and the specially cut shape keeps the iPhone and watch safe and secure; without any fear of accidentally slipping and falling.




  • Multifunction features can charge the iPhone and the Apple watch at the same time
  • Keeps your iPhone safe and clean, the rubber mat cushions the iPhone in the bracket and keeps it stable
  • Made of renewable and eco-friendly bamboo wood
  • Especially designed for containing the Apple watch, charger and cable.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Trendy wood color will enhance your home décor.

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