Ginseng Revitalizing Soap

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“A perfect remedy to make any type of skin to make it fresh and healthy again. Moreover, this soap has medicated properties to directly protect your skin from harmful environmental and aging effects by providing important nourishment to your skin. Try it for a wow.”-Gabriella W., Hippie Cartel Customer

The Ginseng Revitalizing Soap is an herbal remedy for those who are extra sensitive to their skincare. Essentially loaded with natural skin conditioners to give a boost to any aging skin and formulated with natural ingredients. While this soap creates smooth foam that mildly rubs against the skin to gently nourish the sensitive skin by removing acne and flushing the pores, and beautifully vitalize the skin cells.

Premium quality ingredients, only the top quality Ginseng is selected in the formulation of this soap along with other essential ingredients.

Natural skin conditioner, the ginseng soap acts as a natural skin supplement by providing improved blood circulation and skin conditioner.

Gentle texture, the soap creates soft foam that is gentle on sensitive skin and it additionally vitalizes skin cells by removing harmful environmental and aging factors like wrinkles, pores, and acne.

Rich with natural minerals, the ginseng is a proven source of essential vitamins and mineral which provides essential anti-oxidants for your skin health and healing of old skin cells.



  • The natural ingredients of this soap ensure the alleviation of skin health and complexion.
  • The soap is a handy source to deal with common skin issues like a rash, dry, and cracked skin.
  • The soap is loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to ensure a stronger immunity to tender and delicate skins.
  • The contents of the soap act as natural detoxifiers and gently remove harmful toxins from the skin.

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