Top 8 Biodegradable Alternatives To Plastic That Homes And Businesses Are Adopting

Top 8 Biodegradable Alternatives To Plastic That Homes And Businesses Are Adopting

Biodegradable sounds like a really big word but it is also one that concerns each of us. Biodegradable refers to how possible it is for materials to decay or decompose naturally. 

Things like our food are biodegradable because, with time, they can rot or decay. So why do we need to have biodegradable alternatives?

Well, our regular plastic does not decay, rot, or decompose. This means that they are not biodegradable.

And because of the waste pollution in our oceans, cities, and forests, animals in the wild are at risk of getting harmed by plastic. But if we used a biodegradable alternative to promote zero-waste, such material will decay when it is thrown away. 

How To Reduce Your Plastic Usage

Reducing your plastic usage is very crucial for our planet that records more than a billion plastic bottles sold every day. And with more than 6 billion metric tons ending up as plastic waste, here are some ways you can reduce your plastic usage.

Switch to non-liquid soaps

Liquid soaps and other liquid detergents are packaged with plastics. All of this contributes to the enormous amount of plastic waste. 

But using products like bar soaps and powder detergents that come in recyclable eco-friendly packaging helps promote zero-waste.

Maintain Zero-waste As you eat out

From plastic disposable cups, lunchboxes, single-use cutleries, straws, and disposable cups, you contribute to plastic waste each time you use them. But you can opt for reusable ones or you could use stainless steel ones the eatery owns.

Use plastic-free beverage containers

There are several plastic-free beverage containers that you can replace the plastic ones. From your water bottle to reusable coffee cups, and stainless steel containers, you can help reduce plastic usage.

Use Biodegradable Alternatives To Plastic Bags… Or Shop With Reusables

When you go grocery shopping, always come with your reusable bags. If you ever forget it at home, try using any biodegradable alternatives in favor of widely used plastic bags.

Top 8 Biodegradable Alternatives To Everyday Household Plastic You Should Be Using

There are many ways you can reduce your use of plastic and hopefully switch to more eco-friendly products. 

Some of these products are not only biodegradable alternatives, but they also promote zero-waste and stores like Hip-Cartel sell to buyers worldwide. 

Here are some of the top 9 biodegradable alternatives to everyday household plastic you should be using:

#1. Reusable Shopping Bags And Foodwraps

You can use reusable shopping bags whenever you go shopping instead of the available plastic ones. Eco-friendly food wraps that can be washed and re-used also come in handy.

#2. Wooden Disposable Cutleries

If you’re going to plan an outdoor event or eat out, wooden cutleries are a better choice than plastic ones. From bamboo cups, and spoons, to forks, there are lots of variety to choose from.

#3. Non-plastic, Eco-Friendly Ice-cube Trays

Ice cube trays are usually made from plastic. However, eco-friendly materials like silicone and Stainless Steel are a good fix. 

#4. Bar Conditioners, Soap, And Shampoos 

Liquid soaps, shampoos, and conditioners come with plastic containers that accumulate plastic waste. But with bar soaps, shampoos, and conditioners, they come in more eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.

#5. Cloth Hangers Made From Wood

Wooden hangers can replace your plastic hangers in your homes. And they are more stronger and durable than plastic. 

#6. Straws Made From Metal Or Glass

Another biodegradable alternative to plastic is the use of metal or glass straws over plastic straws. They're not only eco-friendly products but they're also lasting and reusable. 

#7. Toothbrush Made From Bamboo

Toothbrushes made from wood and bamboo are becoming more popular. You can choose to buy a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one next time out. 

#8. Shower Curtains

Most homes come with plastic shower curtains but there are lots of eco-friendly products online that the modern hippie can replace their plastic shower curtains with. 


Biodegradable alternatives to one of the planet's biggest pollutants to wildlife - plastic - seem like the best way towards a zero-waste policy, not just for America, but the world in general. 

So the next time you're out shopping for a product or packaging for your products, pay more attention to the more eco-friendly, biodegradable alternatives. 

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