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7 Things You Can Do To Save The Ocean


Why save the Ocean?

“The ocean is a mighty harmonist,” says William Wordsworth. The Hierarchy of Mother Nature tends to require a complete harmony between its essentials, from single individual being (dependant) to the most complex ecosystem variables.


The Oceans that constitute 70% of our Planet surface need to be protected for the purpose of better climate regulations, a source for Oxygen level and food resource, etc. So, any harm can cause great damage to the cycle of life all around the world.


How to protect the Ocean?

This relevant question may pop up into your mind while considering the calamities that are recently taking over due to developing certain habits that pollutes the whole ecosystem.


Here, in this article, we will provide you with the 7 most basic ways of saving the ocean that will require your positive energy for implementation and to educate yourself regarding Nature and its requirements.


1. Prefer to avoid plastic packages :

As we are aware of the fact that 12 million metric tons of Plastic products have taken over the ocean. A high threat of extinction for marine life and seafood.


For this purpose, to save our ocean, we need to avoid the single-use plastics and switch it with eco-friendly plastic alternatives. However, if we do use certain products, do make sure to dispose of them off at their proper place rather than littering over the beach. Also, encourage your family members and friends as a community to participate in the beach clean-ups to help save the ocean and to connect with Mother Nature for a better insight.


2. Buy eco-friendly products:

A friendly reminder for all the shopaholics, to ensure the buying of eco-friendly care products. You must avoid the consumption of things that are made up of harmful chemicals such as “polythene.” Studies have shown that micro-plastics presence inside our toothpaste, body wash, and clothes pollutes the ocean and causes high-risk factors to both marine and human life. So, help protect ocean life by not buying harmful products.


3. Your choice of seafood matters:

The practice of unsustainable fishing has an adverse effect on the fish population around the globe. Thus, it is our prior responsibility to know the source of our seafood reserves. In order to save our ocean, check the labels to ensure a healthy and sustainable fishery.


4. Turn down your carbon footprint:

A more chaotic threat to marine life and its vital production is “Ocean acidification,” which is due to the absorption of 25% carbon emission generated by humans. We must reduce the carbon footprint to protect the ocean from its adverse effects and maintain climate change by using these simple course of actions:


  • Prefer to walk, ride a bike or use public transportation over the driving car for shorter destinations
  • Reduce the use of a thermostat
  • Switch off unnecessary lights and electronics
  • Consume renewable energy effectively


5. Explore beyond the Oceans:

Have a better experience of oceans and its wildlife by signing in to the best international organization such as OCENA, which educated more than 800,000 members to help save the ocean. Also, you can travel smarter by joining a company that is well aware of wildlife environmental factors.


Avoid causing dangers to the ecosystem by not purchasing coral jewelry, products related to sharks, and accessories made up of tortoiseshell as it may cause a threat to the wildlife species. Keeping in mind the adequate exploration of oceans, it is good food for the soul. So, enjoy the beach!

6. Serve as a responsible pet owner:

As a pet owner, the responsibility of saving the ocean and creating an ocean-friendly environment becomes more vital. Particularly, the cat litter is considered as harmful waste for the ocean and needs not to be flushed out in the toilets rather be picked up. Always make sure you buy eco-friendly pet food.


7. Be the influence to bring change:

Your vote matters! Many public officials and organizations are working out to help promote awareness regarding ocean issues. Financial support or signing up with them to advocate proper guidelines inside your community would manifest a greater impact to save the ocean.


Speak out! For the vital role that ecosystem plays for the wildlife in the ocean and report immediately if you find any inadequate measures that take place. Support, in every way possible, not particularly for human lives but for the Mother Nature that protects us.

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