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7 Signs that show you are a modern hippie

7 Signs that show you are a modern hippie

If you have the power to connect with nature and its surroundings that include not only essential elements but the whole community of life and help protect it with some beneficial act of kindness and devotion, then you undoubtedly are a "Modern Hippie."


How do you know if you are a modern-day hippie?

The modern hippies share the millions of individual differences that suggest that everyone has a hippie soul and needs to be cherished. Thus, we are here to bring out the jewel outside of its casket!


Let's Explore out the 7 signs that show you are a modern-day hippie:


1.    All covered in a natural look


From the dressing sense to the natural look of a flower child personality, a mirror that reflects one's choice of lifestyle can portray a clear image of the modern-day hippie. 


The trends and fashions of the modern-day world are not their focus; instead, they choose brands with lively and vibrant stuff. Also, for skincare, hippies prefer to use natural beauty products to avoid harmful substances.


2.    Select fascinating accessories

A selection of fascinating accessories such as crystals with healing powers, colorful stoned jewelry, natural rocks, and the wearing of flat-brimmed hats and fanny packs are one of the glaring signs of a modern-day hippie. 


Moreover, the bohemians make their living space vibrant and high-spirited with vintage or other artistic home accessories that allow them to give peace.


3.    Love for Nature

The free-spirit hippie has an enormous love for nature that embodies a vast universe. So, to seek the true meaning of life, they go on an adventure for exploration. 


Also, vegetarian hippies show their love for animals and refuse to use products made up of animal skins and contribute to plant green and avoid global warming issues. 


4.    Prefer eco-friendly organic products

Modern-day hippies have a deep insight into a healthy diet and organic products that ensure a healthy living and keep our environment safe and green. 


So, granola hippies tend to utilize eco-friendly products that can be recycled for a better cause.


5.    Go for energy-efficient appliances

If you have any of the energy-saving products at your home, then you are a hippie person. 


Modern-day hippies talk about green homes and provide their best to the environment by using energy-efficient cars and other handy and cheap appliances.


6.    Enjoy artistic and spiritual soul

The flower people have a spiritual soul that helps them choose the best version of themselves. Their artistic nature leads to a unique living and has a distinct taste in a variety of brands.


For instance, through higher consciousness, hippie knows how to utilize the best possible products for a fruitful lifestyle. 


7.    Choose to use essential oils

Why hippies smell so good? It is because modern-day hippie people love fragrances of essential oils over deodorants. It serves many useful purposes, from keeping you calm to gaining a focus when having a headache. It can also be used for powerhouse cleaning.

To sum up, the signs as mentioned above of a modern-day hippie revolve around a lifestyle that prefers to use natural products for a living and to help create a clean environment. 

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