7 Best Ways to Find Nature in Urban Settings

7 Best Ways to Find Nature in Urban Settings


The concept of finding nature in urban settings arises from the 1960s counterculture movement, where the hippies rejected the idea of cultural limitations. 

The baby boomers had a spiritual soul of wanderlust to explore nature. So, they arranged festivals within the urban settings and traveled across the city in a vibrant bus for new life experiences.


How do you connect with nature in an urban setting? Here is a guide of 7 best ways to find nature in urban areas:


1.     A morning walk

The nature during morning has its beauty of fresh air, chirping of birds, and watching the sunrise can make the rest of your day fruitful and help enhance the mental activity of the mind. 


So, you can plan for a daily morning walk to relish this part of nature in urban areas. 


2.     Exercise outdoors

The best way to sense nature is to exercise outdoors in the fresh air and under the blue sky surrounded by green plants, as it will help refresh your mind from the daily urban buzz. 


Most people prefer to perform yoga in nature to find inner peace and restore body health.


3.     Go for camping activities

It is the best way to connect with nature in an urban environment either by setting a tent on the sidewalk of a park or a sleepover in your car, watching the twinkling city lights just like stars.


How can you have a pleasant camping experience:

  • It takes a legal camping spot with facilities to find the right rise.
  • Pack the necessary materials according to weather and light camp activities.
  • Go with your friends and relish a hot meal in nature.
  • Play your favorite background music and enjoy it.


4.     Arrange day trip

A day trip to your favorite spot such as planning a farm stay, going for lunch in a park, diving into the pool, and by the end of the day watching the sunset can help save your energy for a weekend.


So, by doing so, you can witness nature within your travel limits with the same experience as that of rural life.


5.     Set up for hiking

The craving of city-dwellers for nature can also be relished by sinking one’s feet into the soil and experience the wild nature. 


For this purpose, seek for the local trails and set up for hiking to connect with the different colors of nature. You can also join family nature and hiking groups for a better-experienced guide and learn about nature.

6.     Volunteer to plant green

The Urban communities provide a great source for exploring nature by planning to grow green plants in the gardens where you can volunteer by joining them to build your flowers, veggies, and fruits. 


Nature can also be brought indoors by growing plants in pots and arranging them on balconies or window sills.


7.     Compost your food

A mini garden at the backyard can play the role of a microcosm, where you can witness nature at a small scale within a wide variety of experiences. 


For instance, Composting food scraps not only help in recycling our waste materials but also help nature go green and let us discover the cycle of life in urban settings.

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